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Photoscape Free Download

Let the contents of the blog is not monotone, and let more interesting to look at, we need to add pictures to your post, either pictures or drawings illustrated documentation. But for the newbie (like me) or for the bloggers who do not actually work in the field of IT (like me too) often have difficulties in terms of image editing. Neither of the measure, and display these images to get fit and nice views.

Difficulties that occur because of the limited ability (skill), No everyone can design. I myself can not such thing as Photoshop, at least just for a pake Photoshop image resize or tools-existing standard tools in Photoshop.

Photoscape can be done by, among others:

* Viewer: to view your photos on your computer
* Editor: resizing, colors, frames, dialog balloons, add text, add pictures, cropping, and still a lot.
* Batch editor: Batch editing photos that many
* Page: create an image by combining multiple photos in one page (for printing with different size images)
* Combine: combine the photos into one picture
* Animated Gif: create a moving picture of a collection of photographs
* Print: print your photos for arranging
* Screen Capture: To print a screen
* Color Picker: Zoom on the screen and take pictures
* Rename: change the image files in a batch
* Raw Converter: Changing forms of Raw to JPG

To get this software, Click Download Here. it's 100% Free

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